Corporate Social Responsibility

A truly Sri Lankan Group of Companies, David Pieris Group is committed to promoting environmental, economic and social sustainability in all aspects of the business. We are a responsive and responsible company which has inter alia provided economical and affordable mobility to tens of thousands of Sri Lankans, empowered multitudes of rural communities whilst consistently working towards conserving the environment.


Eco-friendliness is well integrated into all aspects of our businesses. From the Assembly Plant in Ranna, which reuses and recycles used water, packing materials, fluorescent lamps etc, to the automotive products which strictly conform to stipulated emission standards, our commitment to conservation and sustainable use of the environment is imprinted in what we do.


As a Group that caters to the mass market, especially in rural areas, we strive to uplift the lives of communities we engage in business with. It is our utmost and firm belief that giving back to society not only ensures the long term sustainability of the community but is enriching as well. We are also concerned about the younger generation and are constantly lending our hands in areas of improvement by enabling young people to gain a good education through our scholarship scheme and infrastructure development programmes in rural schools. While our primary focus is on child welfare, David Pieris Group also identifies and selects other segments that require financial support. Health and sanitary facility development, welfare for security forces, empowerment of women, self-employment development, housing for destitute families, uplifting sports, awareness on road safety, Environmental protection and infrastructure facility development are areas of focus.

Ethical Profits

We firmly believe that being a responsible company is vital for engaging in ethical business and know that the success we enjoy today has been earned through such responsibility. Our adherence to and compliance with statutory requirements and regulations has built rapport and lasting relationship with numerous entities and institutions. This, in turn, has contributed to the smooth functioning of all our businesses.

CSR Initiatives

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