David Pieris Group donates essential Physiotherapy equipment to Teaching Hospital Batticaloa

7th February 2020

Several victims of the terrorist attacks which took place in April 2019 were admitted to the Teaching Hospital in Batticaloa for further treatment and physiotherapy, soon after the incident. DP Group stepped in to provide a Marine Wheel (shoulder Wheel), Web Finger Flexion, Extension & Wrist Exerciser, Therapeutic Putty, Digi Extend Finger Extension Exerciser, Twist & Bend Bar, Wrist Exerciser, Hand Exercise Balls, Jux-A Cisor, Digi Extend n’ Squeeze Exerciser, Exercise Springs, Form Rollers and Dumbbell set to the Occupational Therapy unit & Physiotherapy unit in order for them to run a smooth rehabilitation service for the patients in need. Ensuring the availability of essential equipment in the Unit and enhanced facility for the patients, it is humbling to see that many patients are getting the support they require and gradually recovering.