Our Narrative

David Pieris Holdings (Private) Limited is the ultimate holding company of the David Pieris Group which began with focus on automobiles. Embracing a history that dates back four decades, it has grown organically through innovative strategies to be one of Sri Lanka's largest conglomerates. Today, David Pieris Holdings is made up of seventeen companies in diversified industries including financial services, property development & trading, logistics, IT, racing, leisure and organic agri export. Developing its products and services to the highest quality has always been a priority and each company is distinctive in its own right, enjoying high levels of customer retention and loyalty.

Our Vision

To be the leader in our chosen spheres while incorporating new technology.

Our Values


Treat everyone with respect and dignity, recognising diversity and valuing their contribution.


Achieve the highest standards of ethics through integrity, mutual trust and transparency in all our business dealings.


Bring creativity, different perspectives and new ideas to everything we do.


Act with compassion and care towards customers, partners, suppliers, employees, communities and the global environment, always managing our businesses to protect and preserve the earth’s natural resources, for future generations.


Be dedicated to serve and create value for all our stakeholders in order to help them achieve success.

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